About ABCH

Hailing from what some might consider to be the music capital of the world, A Band Called Hemingway burst into the alternative rock scene in Lincoln, NE late 2016 with their debut single First & Make Believe.

With a sound that’s been described as, “too loud to be playing in a cul de sac at 9:43 PM on a Tuesday”,

A Band Called Hemingway has found their footing with catchy hooks, witty lyrics, and their (self-proclaimed) devilish good looks. The group released their first EP entitled Carina on August 5th of 2017 to rave reviews and a very encouraging text from each of their grandmothers. With unique sounds coming from each unique song, A Band Called Hemingway will leave you humming along to every track and longing for the simpler days of the mid-2000s. We know we are.

Event dates, media, and merchandise are all right here on this site. The band may even do some blogging (probably not)! Check it out!

To stay up to date with everything ABCH, be sure to follow them on social media:
Facebook: facebook.com/abandcalledhemingway/
Twitter: @ABCHemingway
Instagram: @abandcalledhemingway